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I think I can do a proper quick fade if I really tried to bad my bros are Moyer into long hair cuts. Big brothers cut was fairly easy I needed cut the front a but more but it’s not noticeable… I’m all excited about cutting hair now i can’t wait to get out on the floor it will be fun

First hair cut on a real person today. not gonna lie I’m kinda scared even if it is on my big brother and its an easy hair cut … wish me luck guys

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Um , ill wrong for being mad about my boyfriend’s ex/baby mama going over to his apartment bringing him dinner randomly after he has told me for the last few months that she doesn’t even no whee he lives when im leaving and going home.and he acts like it’s no big deal and tells me to go over tomorrow but doesn’t mention the bitch in his apartment with out their child anywhere in sight.

I been 100% sober fir the last 6 months and now I’m fucked that up to.
I’m so mad and I can’t stop crying I don’t no what to do I want to just go over there and confront him but what if she’s still there and shes sleeping over then what do u do?
I can’t believe he told me earlier that she came ti the hospital and he bitched her out abiut shit and then she shows up to his hoop
Place where he said she didn’t even no whee he lived be free didn’t want her to start shit.
This is to much for me he said he’s a man and didn’t play my dumb games but hes worst then me. .I don’t no what to do